Rinn Town

Rinn Town is the starting settlement for the campaign.

The main part of Rinn Town is surrounded by a dense abatis. Because of its location in Rinn Valley, the main focus of the town is agriculture. Every year, the townsfolk hold a festival to mark the start of the rainy season. Most of the residents apply their abilities to aid in the upcoming growing season, contributing anything from hard labor to beneficial magic spells.

The town’s population is fairly mixed, with the exception of gnomes and halflings being from nearby Baravar’s Hollow. Rinn Town holds one main temple dedicated to Pelor, with smaller shrines to other deities located in a grove of trees adjacent to the temple.

The townsfolk are no strangers to battle, as they have kept their town (and their valley) safe for decades past. After getting a taste of combat, a number of townsfolk set out to hone their skills as adventurers. Some of them return every season to lend their learned skills at the festival; many are never seen again.

Rinn Town

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