Giant's Tableland

Giant’s Tableland (sometimes known as the, “Ánova Tableland,” or simply, “Giant’s Table”) is a large limestone plateau at the heart of the Ánova Isthmus. Strange rock formations and large sinkholes dot the plateau.

At the base of the Broken Mountains, streams, lakes and springs all empty into the cracked stone, forming the Scarred Lands. During the rainy season, short-lived lakes and ponds form, often forming new sinkholes as they, too, drain away.

Near the center of Giant’s Tableland, on a rare patch of fertile soil, sits the city of Serenity. Two main roads bisect the plateau, approximately along the ordinal directions: the Northeast road goes towards Dôrmin Keep; the Southeast travels to Aelport; the Southwest road heads towards the Great Southern Forest; the Northwest road has fallen into disuse.

New Info: It is believed that a great system of caves and underground rivers lie beneath Giant’s Tableland. In fact, where the stone plateau ends at the coastal lowlands, a number of rivers and springs reemerge from the cliff face.

In times long past, there were giants in the area. But they were eventually subjugated and driven out of the isthmus.

Giant's Tableland

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