Character Creation


Here you will find useful information for character creation. Unless otherwise stated, character creation rules follow those in the Player’s Handbook v3.5. Material from other v3.5 (and updated v3.0) sourcebooks is allowed, with the exception of the Planar Handbook & Manual of the Planes (though said books may be incorporated later in the campaign). Psionic source material is not recommended, as I am largely unfamiliar with the subject.

The player characters will begin in Rinn Town, a few days before the start of the rainy-season festival.

Ability Scores

Roll 4d6. Discard lowest roll. Assign.

Note: Players can reroll their scores if ANY of the following are true (before racial ability adjustments):
  • The total of the ability score modifiers is less than 3
  • More than 1 ability score is less than 10
  • The highest ability scores is 13 or lower


Standard PC races are preferred, though not required. Players using non-standard PC races (i.e., not from the Player’s Handbook) should be ready to generate a character background explaining how the PC fits into the game world.

In general, all players should be prepared with a character background/back-story, if even just some general ideas.

Player Characters should not be of evil alignment.

Campaign Tips

Knowledge is important to the PCs. The campaign world is rich with lost history, hidden geography, and old secrets. While selecting appropriate Knowledge skills is not at all required, information gleaned from such skills may help in the long run.

Finally, a player’s character creation choices may affect their PC’s in-game knowledge. For example, a gnome or halfling character would probably know the secret location of Baravar’s Hollow, while an elven or human character probably would not. Other character creation choices (class, background, etc) can have additional such in-game effects. Players should not be surprised at receiving “for your eyes only” informational notecards during play. Of course, what the character does afterwards with the information is up to the player.

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Character Creation

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