Telnik Stoneaxe

City leader, party sponsor, and hero of old.

  • Class unknown
  • Level unknown

Telnik Stoneaxe was one of the four heroes that liberated the city of Serenity. He is currently a member of the four-person ruling city council, and also serves as captain of the city guard.

Telnik is a bald dwarf with a gray beard and a scar above one eye. He seems very proud, and is suspicious towards anything that might jeopardize the welfare of his city.

After the party brought a captured thief to the city guard, Telnik has taken interest in their activities. Recently, he asked the group to dispose of another thieves’ cell and find out who they are working for.

More recently, Telnik had fallen very ill, and only a select few were able to reach the dwarf. Since the party investigated the herbalist’s home, Telnik’s health appears to be improving, with the help of his new assistant Isabella.

Telnik Stoneaxe

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