A Changeling rogue and wanderer


Zephyr Changeling rogue 1/crusader 1/ dragon shaman 1/duskblade 1

HP: 30

STR 18 DEX 15 CON 12 INT 18 WIS 9 CHR 15

AC: 17 Fort: +7 Ref +4 Will: +3 (+2 vs. Charm and sleep spells, +3 vs. enchantment spells) Damage Reduction: 2/Cold Iron

Initiative: +2 (+3) Base Attack Bonus: +2

Attacks: Masterwork Greatsword (Crystal of Fire Assault) +7 2d6+7, Masterwork Mace (two handed) +7 1d8+6, Light crossbow +4 1d8, Dagger +6 1d4+4, Sap +6 1d6+4 (nonlethal)


Appraise +4 Balance +2 Bluff +9 Climb +6 Concentration +2 Craft +4 Decipher Script +5 Diplomacy +3 Disable Device +5 Disguise +6 Escape Artist +2 Forgery +4 Gather Information +3 Handle Animal +2 Heal -1 Hide +6 Intimidate +10 Jump +5 Knowledge (arcana) +5 Knowledge (Nobility) +5 Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +5 Knowledge (The Planes) +5 Knowledge (Geography) +5 Knowledge (local) +5 Knowledge (architecture) +5 Knowledge (history) +5 Knowledge (nature) +5 Knowledge (religion) +5 Listen +3 (+4) Move Silently +5 Open Lock +6 Profession (Brewer) 0 Ride +2 Search +9 Sense Motive +5 Sleight of Hand +2 Spellcraft +5 Spot +3 (+4) Survival -1 Swim +1 Tumble +2 Use Magic Device +3 Use Rope +3 Martial Lore +5

Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Gnome, Giant

Feats: Fey Heritage, Open Minded, Fey Skin

Equipment: Chain Shirt +1, Masterwork Heavy Mace, light crossbow, dagger, sap, masterwork thieves’ tools, 2 bags of caltrops, backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, belt pouch, trail rations, waterskin, tankard, chalk, flask, whetstone, 2 torches, potion of cure light wounds, shelf fungus of neutralize poison, amethyst of cure moderate wounds, 32 pp, 871 gp, 32 sp

Special Abilities: Sneak attack +1d6, Steely Resolve, Furious Counterstrike, Martial Maneuvers, Armored Mage (light armor & light shields), arcane attunement 7/day, spells

Maneuvers Known: Crusader’s Strike, Charging Minotaur, Stone Bones, Douse the Flames, Leading the Attack

Stances Known: Martial Spirit

Copper Dragon Totem

Draconic Auras: Senses, Vigor, Energy Shield

Spells (0-3/ 1-3)

Level 0: Acid Splash, Disrupt Undead, Ray of Frost, Touch of Fatigue

Level 1: Blade of Blood, Stand

Spell-like abilities

Arcane attunement: Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Flare, Ghost Sound, Read Magic – 7/day combined.


Zephyr is a native of Rinn Town. He was adopted by Lena and Alaric, who live on a farmstead outside of Rinn Town. Lena was stricken blind before finding Zephyr on her doorstep. Alaric, in addition to being a farmer, is a competent brewer. As he grew up, there was always tension between Zephyr and Alaric. Zephyr was often rebellious and was never very interested in pickup up the family business of farming and brewing, and has a poor reputation in Rinn Town, both because of his disobedience to his father and his sneaking out at night (though nobody seems to know exactly what he does).

Recently, Alaric has become increasingly distrustful of strangers, and refuses to talk to people. Zephyr recently was beaten very severely by Alaric, and left home to find his own way after recovering.

After starting his adventuring career, Zephyr has found himself enamored of his freedom, and has devoted himself to protecting individual liberty, both for himself, and others.

After spending some time in Serenity, Zephyr was walking about the marketplace, when he noticed some interesting grafitti in an ancient script of Draconic. Taking some time to decypher the strange characters, he followed a trail to the meeting place of a dragon cult. He used his powers of disguise to infiltrate the group, and attended one of their rituals. At the culmination of the ritual, he was forced to either abandon his cover, or partake of their mysteries by accepting a bowl of liquid offered to him. He decided to drink the bitter fluid, and that evening, had a number of visions. In one of them, he was approached by a copper dragon. The dragon said his name was Frygxzyss, and that Zephyr was “not like those other fools.” When the visions cleared up, Zephyr had taken on some of the powers of a copper dragon, and from time to time, still has flashes of inspiration and the occasional voice of Frygxzyss in the back of his head.

Having been revealed as a changeling to the rest of the party, Zephyr retreated somewhat upon returning to Serenity. He went out into the city and changed his face. For all intents and purposes, he disappeared for a couple of days. Wandering the city, latching on to different groups and trying to fit in, he had little success for the first day, but did learn a number of different things. Eventually, he came upon a group of elven warriors. Taking an elven form, he spent time in their company, and thoroughly enjoyed it. He even received some schooling in the ways of the duskblade. While he only grasped the basics of the form before the group parted ways, and Zephyr reluctantly returned to his companions.


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